MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 8-15-19:

Bryce shows an unnatural affinity for impersonating The Natural with dramatic walk off winner…

MLB Update:

— This is definitely why the Phils were so excited about hooking Harper, who looked every bit like The Natural with a colossal, majestic clout that drubbed the lately cratering Cubs. #Cubs #Phillies
— Attaboy A’s, who refuse to buckle to against the awfully awe-inspiring Astros. #Astros #Athletics
— Longoria’s heroics serve to elongate Giant attention span and focus in what has been a terribly topsy turvy season.
— Parity, or if you prefer, mediocrity, continues to hold sway in the NL East, where Sonny Gray had his way with the Redbirds and all of the teams, save the Pirates, are having a say in the way the division title is being won. #Cardinals #Reds
— Seager looked fresh and eager, while the groggy Tigers looked hungover and without a compass. #Mariners #Tigers
Indians break out of a mini slump at the plate, going bonkers in the Bronx with a passel of homers and tons of runs. Yankee weak starting pitching rears its ugly head. #Indians #Yankees

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