MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 8-14-19:

Mickey mouths the reassuring words “All is well!” … really?

MLB Update:

— Mickey does his best Kevin Bacon,,, assuring the world that “All is well”, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Mets made the mistake of bringing in Lugo, who lets go of another late inning lead. #Mets #Braves
— Angels come to their senses and end the Pirates’ abbreviated run of selective excellence. #Pirates #Angels
— It was certainly not Bauer’s finest hour, as he gets riddled to death by Washington hot shots in a completely hideous fifth inning. After the game you could probably see him with a fifth of something in the locker room, trying to put this horror show out of his mind, forever. #Reds #Nationals
— Padres go from celibate to celebratory ending a brutal 9 year drought against the unrepentant Rays. #Rays #Padres
— Rookie Grish delivers Counsell’s wish. #Twins #Brewers
— It’s not that complicated when you simply get some pitching … and it doesn’t hurt to have a lineup loaded with sluggers. Boston puts down Cleveland in short order, and gains a game on Tampa Bay. #RedSox #Indians

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