On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part Deux. Part 1):

Only a select few are qualified to attend the Ted Baxter School of Broadcasting

On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part Deux. Part 1):
— “Like ChabDog said, he was 100% right”… “He can take all comers”
— Ted Baxter gives coaching on “fooling around” …. “Murray, take my advice … You don’t want to play the piano, you want to play the Houston Oilers”
— Oscar learns (what he always suspected) “Once a slob, always a slop”.
— Trout the Baseball Machine is even tastier than trout almondine … but as for the pitching, its pretty lean.
— When the velvety tones of Well-read appear through the dashboard, to say the numbers go up definitely skirts the question
— Newsflash: Mickey Palmice is now a Ferrari exec
— Eric reviews “Once a time in Hollywood”, providing for an almost eerie intersection of Matt Helm and the Manson murders .. bada ba ba ba … “Mr. Helm, I think we’re stuck”
— ChabDog incorrectly goes “beyond” The Valley of the Dolls
— What’s really great about Sharon Tate
— 2 different conceptions of chicken legs
— Hey Dumbrowski, why pick up debtor Owings when he’s hitting .133?
— Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time … living in the house just vacated by Brian Wilson and his producer in Feb 1969




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