MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 8-13-19:

Bell and the Pirates have suddenly become quite bellicose …

MLB Update:
— Canning and the massively overwhelmed Angels get kicked around something awful … again … by the swashbucklers from Hell … and in their own backyard to boot. #Pirates #Angels
–Joe Ross shows the stumbling Reds who’s boss. #Reds #Nationals
Front running Braves keep their distance from the scrambling Mets, who have no answer for the best player on the field, Acuna. #Mets #Braves
— Phillies really frustrate the Cubs with Realmuto, along with some real good pitching. #Cubs #Phillies
— Sox sock away a much needed win, though Sale is unjustly deprived of official credit, despite a masterful display of power pitching. As for the hitting, Devers plays destroyer, going an eye popping 6 for 6, and JBJ ices the cake with a blow in the top of the tenth. #RedSox #Indians


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