MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 8-12-19:

Dormant Pirate gunships finally go off in Anaheim …

MLB Update:

— Pirates break up the monotony of what seemed like an endless losing streak by unleashing the full fury of their gunships at Anaheim. #Pirates #Angels
— At least for this year, the Rays look like they’re in 2nd place to stay as they dissect the Padres. #Padres #Rays
— Washington gets treated to another sparkling performance from Trea, who’s turning into a modest power threat, in addition to his well-documented status as a speed merchant. #Nationals #Reds
— Indians proceed to stick the knife into Boston’s playoff pretensions, with plenty of big hits including a stunning serenade for the hometown fans Carlos Santana. What a surprise to see Walden wilt in the bottom of the ninth. #RedSox #Indians


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