On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part 1):

Trouble in the 24th hour at Daytona …

On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part 1):
— A moment of reflection, before my holy pilgrimage to the land inhabited by the Pilgrims
— Not too many teams in MLB have standing in the standings to even think about playing in October
— Is this as good as it gets for Les Mets, whose bullpen is no longer Les Miserables
— Fleming has unlimited capacity for sports trivia but must filibuster for more washing and drying capacity
— Being an overpaid prick and a primadonna is a lethal combination, eh Philadelphia
— Just keep obliterating those third rate O’s when they’re down, as they get spanked in succession by the Yankees and the Stros.
— Goldy continues to finger the cardinal sinner Buccos for the most cruel and unusual punishment;
— Michael is a picture of impressive sync at the plate, just like his photogenic mommy Ruiz in the 1984 Olympic swimming pool (they definitely took the wrong Conforto’s clothes off in celebration?)
— 11 power punches by Pete and there will be a very large, happy polar bear jumping into the drink at Jones Beach.
— You should be suspended for losing 1 to the Royals … oh sorry, that was what actually happened to the Bosox the next game.
— Boston’s starting rotation looks pretty rotten, and that’s direct quotation; Cashner as money in the bank … don’t count on it.
— Le’veon lets it be known he doesn’t do preseason thunderstorms
— Vowing to give us the headless horseman treatment, Antonio lobbies to be treated like a grandfather; Tank gives us a Hard Knocks update
— A perhaps overzealous Big Ben is now playing the big heavy in Pittsburgh’s locker room; ChabDog thinks the Steelers have only themselves to blame for this bad situation (too much job security for Tomlin)
— Memo to Brandon: The water at Amity Island is “just fine”. Just ask Chief Brody.
— Rocky is turning into Mickey.
— Patricia’s working with a bunch of real plebieans in Detroit.
— Caruso gets into the nitty gritty details on why NE’s defense will be excessively stingy this year.
— Some deluded person on our show starts ‘supposin that the Fins will win 8 with Rosen and then bugs out to finish his laundry/weight lifting.
— Tank’s underwear drawer houses a real large Rainbow Push Coalition
— Take a wild ride around the track at Daytona, when in ’79, Yarborough crashed into a blocking Allison, leaving room for survivor Petty to slip in for a 6th crown. And then fisticuffs to finish, with brother Bobby joining in.
— Maahk and I discuss his future as the next “Benny Parsons” … another guy who started out as a cabbie
— You know you’re living healthy when your ice cream is avacado.
— What it’s like to be flagged as a crank caller to the NFL’s league office; it’s hard for a Revere boy to camoflage his hard New England accent
— Let’s hear it for Heroes and Dragons in South Carolina … tell them Godefylife.com just sent you.
— It was hailing Halo runs last night at Fenway… uugh!
— Red Sox have experienced a touch too much of Brian Johnson.
— As for the Yankee’s bullpen, let’s not get into it.
— When Frank throws in the towel on his hometown team, that’s a pretty big towel.



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