MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 8-11-19:

MLB Update:

— Baltimore goes to amazing lengths to throw off the yolk of Astro oppression; Houston fought valiantly but you can blame it on Rio. #Astros #Orioles
— If you’re a booster of the Buccos, this was an absolutely sick loss to the Cards, who turned savagely on Crick in a crazy eighth. No relief in sight for the Pirates and their patsies in the pen. #Pirates #Cardinals
— Giant season may still have wheels since their newly charged Scooter leading the way; as Philly, it looks to be spread a bit thin in the pitching dept while stuck out on the left coast. #Phillies #Giants
— Cleveland just keeps a’ coming, and catches the Twins in wins and losses. This could be the beginning of the end for Minnesota atop the AL Central. #Twins #Indians
— Nats say enough is enough and flush the Mets’ winning streak at Flushing. #Nationals #Mets
— When Yankee bats go on the fritz, Masahiro steps up and becomes a hero. #Yankees #BlueJays
— Bemboom cuts short his plans to attend the Iowa state fair and lowers the boom on the latest sample of weak and worthless Red Sox relief pitching. We’re not even in mid-August, and Boston is rapidly approaching playoff contention life support. #Angels #RedSox



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