MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 8-8-19:

Sale goes back to the drawing board and assails the Angels with a hoard of Ks.

MLB Update:

— Sale seriously assails the hapless Halo’s with a virtuoso performance. Looks like he took a trip back to the magic drawing board. #Angels #RedSox
— Bumgarner garners another win, making the Phillies look quite silly; however, high-priced fixture Harper’s .249 average is no laughing matter. #Phillies #Giants
— Indians draw first blood in showdown that takes center stage in the ultra competitive AL Central. A big question remains as to whether Minnesota’s pitching is up to stuff, and more concerning for the Twins could be prospect that they lose leader Cruz to a wrist injury. #Indians #Twins
— It would appear the Reds had no cause to be optimistic starting Gausman against a Cubs team with a bit of a chip on its shoulders. #Cubs #Reds


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