Enjoying The Simple Things. Date Night In Columbia, SC, Where Can I Go:

Enjoying The Simple Things. Date Night In Columbia, SC. Where Can I Go?

There are so many things to do, with so little time to do them. Enjoying each other’s company doesn’t have to be defined by exhausting your bank account. It’s the simple things in life that produce memories that will stand the test of time. Enjoying The Simple Things. Date Night In Columbia,SC. Where Can I Go?IMG_0034

Tonight’s Date: Studio Cellar:
Studio Cellar is a Sip, Paint and Event Place. It’s located in the perfect location of 912 Lady Street, The Vista Columbia, SC 29201. The Cellar is immersed in a vintage bricked structure, with a hint of spice, timeless decor, and homegrown art.

In Studio Cellar’s own words:
“Studio Cellar is a local social painting studio where everyone is welcome and no skills are needed. You can pick from entertaining yet instructional classes, choose to freestyle at the paint bar or throw a paint party with your friends. Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks are sold on premise. You may bring your own food or snacks, but you need to purchase drinks on premise. Take your masterpiece home when you go, all for a memorable experience that will last forever.” Their thoughts in a nutshell. Does it sound appetizing?

We arrived there before the Art class began. So, we selected Freestyle Painting. The freestyle portion consists of 3 components.

1. Selecting the size canvas you desire to apply your masterpiece: Small, Medium, Large; (We selected small.)

2. Select the photo you’ll like to recreate, along with your paint: Studio Cellar provides 2-3 photo art albums, with more paint than you can use in a lifetime. (We selected lips; black, brown, white, gold, blue, red)

3. Select the beverage of your choice: Wine, Beer, Juice, Water; ( She selected Pinot Grigio, I selected a nice cold Shock Top.)
date night me
Last but not least, a Smock. You haven’t experienced painting until you’ve done it in a Smock: Multicolors; (She wore pink, I wore red.)

date night chiq

Price scale shown with wine classes: 1=lowest, 5=highest, everything else falls in-between.


Recommendation: I will absolutely positively recommend this stress relieving night out to anyone that will listen. Or in this case, read…

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