On the “Let not the specter of Labor Day get in the way” edition of CDST (Part Deux):

On the “Let not the specter of Labor Day get in the way” edition of CDST (Part Deux):

— Bearing witness to Pete Buttigieg lookalike Wallace Shawn, the blackjack dealer taking full advantage of a broken down Chevy Chase in Vegas Vacation (“I haven’t seen a beating like that since somebody dropped a banana in my pants and turned the monkey loose”)
— ChabDog lobbies for some preliminary pre-nup work (you gotta start somewhere)
— A reality TV thematic preview … Angry Mets Fan and Cantakerous Cabbie living together as “The Bod Couple” (guess who’d be the nerd and who’d be the sports nut smoking cigars)
— What’s for dinner tonight, honey? Shake ‘N Bake… or 20 pizzas?
— Discussing gun violence … look at how vulnerable we are to mass shootings in the so-called concealed carry states
— The imperative for getting a grip on the sources and support systems/enablers for domestic terrorism
— Caruso’s case for “FBI” license plates
— Elizabeth Warren type intensity on display when Strawberry Tom Skerritt takes Cheech on a memorable joyride in Up in Smoke (“If you need air, call it in ….”); but remember, “don’t look at the birthmark”
— A not-fake newsflash: Rafael will win the batting title by holding those hands high … even higher than Yaz
— Not much is worse than a Lisa Mendoza/A-rod baseball broadcast (please, bring back Yankee shill McCarver)
— And how do you hold down LeMahieu?
— The Bronx Bombers are locked and loaded in the pen …but according to Maahk, the season’s ovah when the Red Sox say it’s ovah
— What’s Chris Sale doing throwing weak sliders to Brett Gardner …that’s one guy who needs a mirror in his locker to find his balls
— Recalling the winning tough love shown by “I can be a real Dick” Williams
— There’s no room for “Brock-stars” in baseball; time to get focused
— Memo to J. Henry: With all those “winners” in the rotation, it’s time to win; time to fire the pitching coach and stop the nibbling
— Another recommendation … extended pre-game warm-ups for Porcello (a.k.a. Derrick Lowe)
–One team that’s definitely going for it is the Stros, with their super-sized starting rotation
— Assessing Boston’s remaining schedule
— A classic trip back to Havenhurst Ave. in Jersey, when Old Man Bacala (Pauley from Rocky) didn’t gum up the hit on Mustang Sally, but made the mistake of reaching for his inhaler at the wrong time, and proceeded to impale his car against a “Your ad here” billboard (Sister Golden Hair in the background)
— Kinky vibrator action in the master bedroom with Ralph and Janice (“I’m coming home … yeah chicken’s great”)
— Speaking of Tony’s sister and her lovely tattoos, we go out with Elton John’s “Sweet Painted Lady”



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