Screenings With Migs: Good Boys (Spoiler Free)

Max. Lucas. Thor. They are the Bean Bag Boys and the Bean Bag Boys do EVERYTHING together, including getting into a load of mischief while trying to recover a drone and keep teenage girls from “ruining their lives” with drugs.

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew I was in. I’m a fan of raunchy comedy, and Good Boys was a fun time in the theater. The first time I screened the movie there was only 20 other people in attendance, but we were laughing together. I went to another screening that was held for Regal Crown Club members last night, and it was packed. Thank goodness I saw the movie already, because the laughter from the audience overpowered some of the dialogue. It’s always fun to be able to share laughs with strangers though. Most of the funny moments in the movie landed well. It was a trip down memory lane for me, because the boys get themselves involved in situations that I’ve been in at that age. They have to deal with peer pressure, wanting to run with the “cool crowd” at school, puppy love, not knowing how to act around girls, and even growing apart from your best friends. It was hilarious to hear them use words incorrectly and their explanations for things that happen in the adult world made me laugh out loud. “We aren’t little kids! We know how it works!” There is a scene involving paint that had the whole theater cracking up. That’s all I shall say about that. I really liked the on-screen chemistry of Jacob Tremblay (Max), Brady Noon (Thor), and Keith L. Williams (Lucas). Their performances were on point, and the friendship of the trio is very believable. I do wonder how their real life parents felt about them playing with sex toys on screen. *Chuckles*. Kudos to Gene Stupnitsky on his directorial debut. He was also a co-writer for the screenplay, and I think the film turned out good. Hopefully people won’t sleep on this the way Long Shot was slept on. That was a raunchy comedy (same production team as Good Boys) which was released earlier this year, and even though it is quite hilarious, it didn’t do great at the box office. Good Boys doesn’t have to contend with Avengers like Long Shot did though, so I’m interested in seeing how it makes out with ticket sales. I recommend checking out Good Boys. It’s being released on the 16th of this month, and is perfect for a discount night. Might want to leave the small kids at home for this one, unless you are good with the content.  Lots of f-bombs and other choice phrases. I’m looking forward to this movie being released on DVD, because there HAS to be deleted scenes and a gag reel. BEAN BAG BOYS FOR LIFE!!

Check my live review from the first time I screened Good Boys here:

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