MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 8-6-19:

A’s stay on the heels of the Rays by drubbing the overrated Cubs…

MLB Update:

— Rays torture Jays with a 6-run comeback win and as regards the 2nd Wild Card spot, stay safely ahead of the A’s … who throttle overrated Chicago. #BlueJays #Rays #Cubs #Athletics
— Mobile Mets keep moving behind a dominating start from Wheeler and more pure power from all-world rookie Pete Alonso. #Marlins #Mets
— Undeterred by their horrible record, the Tigers sully the White Sox when slugger Miggy comes up a biggie. #WhiteSox #Tigers
— Boston shoots itself in the foot with a costly home loss to KC, as Jorge clubs some meatballs from insolvent Cashner into the next Soler system. #Royals #RedSox
— Yet another bad beat for the Bucs, as the Brewers do what the Brew Crew can do … making the most out of not a lot in manufacturing another win in Pittsburgh. #Brewers #Pirates

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