On the “Let not the specter of Labor Day get in the way” edition of CDST (Part 1)

Is that Hilltopper mascot (Big Red) a dog or a muppet?

On the “Let not the specter of Labor Day get in the way” edition of CDST (Part 1):
— What exactly is a Hilltopper, and is that mascot a dog or a muppet?
— According to Frank, when it comes to lefty Chris, its Foreclosure for Sale.
— Dave Dombrowski didn’t just put his foot in his mouth, he put his whole leg … and complacency=arrogance
— Why Fenway Park is lately looking like Bleak House … you are sorely mistaken if you think you can casually slide into the second wild card
— When you die at PNC, you really die at PNC
— All about braveheart Puig, who lacked standing to be in the melee but couldn’t resist … by the way, Stan raises a question about how the frosted flake came into the country
— The amazing valuation of Jerry’s Kids ($5 billion), which is only 25% more than the Knicks and their house of bricks
— And how about Georgie Porgy’s $10 million investment in 1973 (now worth $4.6 billion) (nice return for the man who doubles as Bernie’s voiceover)
— Speaking of ex-players who’ve been a success in business, Staubach knows how to get the quarter back
— 20 people going into the HoF next year at Canton … what a meaningless traffic jam… has anyone ever heard of quality over quantity
— And what about the case for Cliff Branch?
— ChabDog proposes other wide receiver near misses … Collingsworth, Amhad Rashad and Sammy White … and don’t you dare question the credentials of Swann (it all has to do with the higher bar for wide receivers)
— Ray “I’m one helluva lonely” Guy is the only punter who’s gotten in … to this day
— The amazin slinging Sammy Baugh … who played both ways and put butts in the seats (the best football player prior to 1950)
— As for kickers, does The Polish Cannon have a shot? Maybe if he doesn’t take too many shots in retirement and shoot himself in the foot.
— Robert Kraft is not in the Hall of Fame, but rather the Hall of Shame (a rub and tug story that really tugs at your heart strings)
— Why Nevada has the taxes things really figured out.
— Poor Maahk, … reduced to complaining about balls and strikes
— All about Tank’s date for the Yankee’s game .. a firefighter from Worcester (Chuck and Larry revisted… lol)
— The state of MLB attendance: what a surprise… nobody is going to see games at either piss poor PNIC, Scamden Yards, Cough & Phlem Stadium, the O.Co. Mausoleum, BJ’s of Tampa Bay, or Marlin’s Park of Marginality; but their packing them in at The Ravine, The Friendly Confines, Fenway and Coors Field Sobriety
— Ber explains why Minute Maid is so aptly named … it is so minute down the left field line
— Personnel update in New England… the Pats have picked up Trent “the meat locker” Williams, among other force fed tidbits served up by the cabbie
— Candidate Sanders clips from Seinfeld … boy does he do a good Steinbrenner (“She’s a heart breaker, love maker … the most beautiful people people”)
— The last Demo debate was definitely a circular execution .. involving 20 dwarves
— De Blasio is the political equivalent of “Ban Johnson” … banning everything in sight
— Who said, “Marijuana’s like booze” … and I’ve smoked more marijuana than any ten people… and I’m fine… look at Frank, he’s a retard”
— The birth of a hit reality TV show… Marc and Frank as the “Bod Couple” …get ready Frankie Midnight with that Shake ‘N Bake and the laxative milkshake

Frankie Midnight does the Shake ‘N Bake routine at the Bod Couple bachelor pad ….


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