MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 8-4-19:

.. Muncy has an attack of the munchies when it comes to plate production

MLB Update:

— Dodgers’ appetite for victories seems insatiable, as Muncy has an attack of the munchies when it comes to plate production in comeback win over persistent Pads. #Padres #Dodgers
— Red Sox should have perhaps thought twice about pitching Price in the Bronx House of Horrors; Boston’s “ace” is shelled mercilessly in the third, but of all people, Urshela. Yes, Dumbrowski is correct,… the world champs are now officially resigned to playing for the wild card. #RedSox #Yankees
— St. Louis has lately been on a starvation diet when it comes to runs, as they come up pretty much dry at the very cavernous O.Co mausoleum. #Cardinals #Athletics
— Tucker connects for a very clutch game winning dinger in extras off of Mr. Greene, and Cincy disconnects Atlanta’s winning machine. #Reds #Braves
— Minnesota’s Smeltzer exerts minimal effort in sending KC’s bats to the smelter equivalent (for wood bats, that must be the furnace). #Royals #Twins
— Mets stomp Pirates at PNC in one of the more humiliating home losses in recent memory. Hurdle has lost this team, and management needs to wake up and smell the blood in the water. It’s now happy hunting for any team that faces the Bucs. #Mets #Pirates
— Elroy and the usually wimpy White Sox toy with the flustered Phillies, who looked lost against below .500 Lopez. #WhiteSox #Phillies
— Blue Jays and their No. 1 baseball sons Bichette, Biggio and Guerrero proceed to drop enother to the no name O’s. Who knows, last place in the AL East may actually be up for grabs. #BlueJays #Orioles

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