MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 8-3-19:

Red Sox are getting minimal benefits from their skinny minny high priced starter Sale …

MLB Update:

— So if Boston wins 49 games in a row from here, it will match last year’s record of performance…. that right there gives you an idea of how far short this year’s bunch has fallen. Yankees throw the Sox in the dirty clothes hamper, with a double-dip decimation, that includes a battering of Sale and a habitual roughing up of the ever-vulnerable Matt Barnes. #RedSox #Yankees
— Over-matched White Sox plead nolo contendere against Nola. #WhiteSox #Phillies
— San Diego certainly wishes Buehler had taken the day off; instead, he became the next strikeout king of Los Angeles. #Padres #Dodgers
— Tough luck for Archer, who gives the Bucs a quality start, and has has nothing to show for it after the Pirate pen fails yet again; Mets are showing too much pop these days for a team that most had written off well before the AS break. #Pirates #Mets
— Cub pitching bails out the Northsiders once more, with Cole Hamels coming the DL and to the rescue; if his return can take pressure off the often underperforming offense, this team could be in the driver’s seat for the stretch run. #Brewers #Cubs


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