On the “Dog Day Morning” edition of CDST (Part Deux):

The Spaceman as a big proponent of getting high

— Hear a super Super Bowl promo from the past
— Donald on “Love Street” and as top General for the NJ Generals (“You’re gonna see a HUGE week next week”)
— Oh how the Red Sox set us up for a false positive
— Recalling the disappearing act of Derek Jeter in a critical 2004 NY-Boston confrontation
— The Hall of Fame cases for Manram and Big Papi
— The Spaceman as a big proponent of getting high
— Baseball’s utter hypocrisy when it comes to drug testing
— Throwing in the towel when it comes to the Mets … and of course they start winning
— Remember Howard Johnson in his Howard Johnson colored uniform?
— Time for Eovaldi to empty his revolver
— Can the Yankees succeed with that suspect starting rotation
A great pen will get you only so far.
— The more recent allure of batting gloves, and why pine tar can go only so far … up the bat
— Hope for the Orios?
— What’s new at Patriots’ training camp?
— A tip for waiters serving mobsters … don’t complain about the tip … whatever it is (take your 1% and move on)
— Christopher explains to Paulie the difference between a meteor and a meat eater
— “Get the rest by tonight, or you start payin points”
— “They wanted steak … so I put a new wing on Peter Lugar’s … It’s a sign of respect … cheer up … someday someone’s gonna pay for your dinners”
— “1184 … heh heh I gotta go play that number”
— “You left me $16; perhaps you miscalculated … go piss it away at blackjack, @##$’ing assholes”
— “Chrissie, he’s #$#@’ed up; don’ they have medicine these assholes?”
— Analyzing why certain guys in the Sopranos crew get no real respect
— The poison ivy scene with Mikey Palmice
— What ever happened to Cosette the dog
— Ralphie was probably guilty of neglect for letting his kid play that game with arrows and cardboard boxes
— Caruso’s history lesson about the Battle of Thermopylae
— Ending our party with Boston’s “Party”

The Red Sox shouldda sent this wicked smaaht guy shopping .. before the trade deadline passed …



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