JuJu vs OBJ: ADP Faceoff

By: Nate of Couch Potato GM

2019 ADP Faceoff: Which Young Stud WR is the Better Pick?

JuJu Smith-Schuster (PIT) ADP 2.03 vs Odell Beckham Jr (CLE) ADP 2.01 (according to Fantasy Football Calculator) 


JuJu Smith-Schuster and Odell Beckham Jr. are two of the most beloved players in all of fantasy football and they are also two of the most dominant WRs in the league today. They have brought many fantasy owners championships and amazing performances in the past, and this season, they of course, come at a premium draft cost. JuJu and Odell are both being selected in the early second round in PPR leagues, so which one should you take to lead your WR unit in fantasy this season?


Let us first take a look at what happened last season for both of these stud WRs and how they got to where they are this season.

 JuJu Smith-SchusterOdell Beckham
201816 Games111 Receptions1426 Yards7 TDs18.6 PPR, WR812 Games77 Receptions1052 Yards6 TDs19.5 PPR, WR15
201714 Games58 Receptions917 Yards7 TDs13.7 PPR, WR234 Games25 Receptions302 Yards3 TDs18.5 PPPR
2016*Not in league16 Games101 Receptions1367 Yards10 TDs18.7 PPR, WR4
2015*Not in league15 Games96 Receptions1450 Yards13 TDs21.3 PPR, WR5
2014*Not in league12 Games91 Receptions1305 Yards12 TDs24.8 PPR, WR7

JuJu’s rookie season was an impressive one for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but his sophomore season is where he really took off. He broke out onto the scene finishing as the WR8 with very impressive numbers at just 21-years-old. 

Odell’s career arc is a pretty interesting one, he set the fantasy world on fire in his rookie season with one of the most memorable seasons ever. Since then, he has lived up to the hype, putting together very impressive seasons, averaging at least 18.5 PPR in each of them. Odell’s only knock thus far in his career has been his recent inability to put together full seasons and stay healthy. He has appeared in just 16 games in the last two seasons. 

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