MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 8-1-19:

Heavy-handed Cole with the heavy fastball bowls over the wimpy Indians …

MLB Update:

— Cole stole the show once again, and at 13-5 continues to occupy the role of H-town ace. #Astros #Indians
— White Sox get sullied by the matriculating Mets, who are eyeing 2nd/3rd place in the NL East. Yes, it is within reach. #Mets #WhiteSox
— Did the Reds lose all of their cojones when they bid adieu to pugilistic Puig? It certainly looked that way as the Braves made short work of them in today’s rain shortened game. #Reds #Braves
— Squeamish Cubs look like scrubs at Busch, as they manage nothing more than one lonely hit against journeyman Jack. #Cubs #Cardinals
— When is Dumbrowski’s Cashner experiment going to be abandoned? Maybe when people start calling him that on a regular basis…It certainly is looking like this ill-fated acquisition is not having the intended effect. #Rays #RedSox

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