Screenings With Migs: Hobbs & Shaw (Spoiler Free)

Luke Hobbs. Deckard Shaw. Both characters have become fan favorites of the Fast and Furious franchise, and if you’ve seen The Fate of the Furious then you know why those characters got this spin off film.

That scene where they are working on a vehicle together is quite hilarious. Their chemistry and rivalry is fun to watch. I screened Hobbs & Shaw on Tuesday, and for the most part it’s a decent entry into the F&F series. The thing that I’m most upset about is how much of the movie was given away in the trailers. Normally I stick to just watching teaser trailers, because trailers longer than a couple of minutes are probably going to give things away, and often times it’s a super cool moment that should not have been shown in the trailer. I’ve been in the theater a lot these past couple of months, so my eyes have been bombarded with scenes from the film. Whole fights scenes being shown before the movie comes out……CMON!!!! Cut that out. When I saw Spider-Man: Far From Home I had to walk out the theater during the trailer. It was one of those special IMAX trailers that showed 6 minutes of the film. NOPE NOPE NOPE! I really don’t understand why the trailers were shown like that, because dedicated fans of Fast and Furious are going to see Hobbs and Shaw. Fans of the Rock and Statham are going to see it. Casual action movie fans probably will as well. The overselling of the product didn’t need to happen, in my opinion. As I was watching, I could tell when all those scenes I had already saw were coming. Yes, there were more surprises and action sequences to be seen, but it ruined some of the flare of the movie, at least for me. The plot was easy to follow, and I liked how this movie is heavy on the family theme. That’s been a big part of the franchise from the beginning. In this entry, Hobbs and Shaw are recruited to retrieve a virus that was supposed to be secured by the British government. The mission was botched, but Shaw’s sister, Agent Hattie Shaw, injected herself with the virus, in order to keep super powered bad guy Brixton from retrieving it for his own purposes. Hattie, portrayed by Vanessa Kirby, and Brixton, portrayed by Idris Elba, are good additions to the cast. Seeing Elba as a super villain again (see Star Trek Beyond) was cool. There’s even an interesting sub plot with the shadow company Brixton works for. Expect that same over the top action that has been a feature of all the films. Some of it is extremely ridiculous, but you may get a good laugh if you watch this movie. I know I did! I enjoy seeing Statham throw down, showcasing his fighting skills. The Rock’s is his usual brute self, shined up with baby oil and wearing shirts that are too small. Got to show off those muscles!! I ain’t mad at him. The banter between the two is funny, and most of the haha moments land. The cameos provided laughs as well. The screening audience had a good time with the film. People even clapped when it was over. My only other issue was the runtime. This movie did not need to be over 2 hours. There was some fluff that could have been cut out. I enjoyed the movie, and I’m seeing it again tonight at IMAX with some friends. You don’t necessarily need to see Hobbs and Shaw in a premium format though. The screening was in regular digital format and it looked fine. If you do go see this, make sure you stay until the credits are completely done.
Migs Rodriguez

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