MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 7-31-19:

Rick’s fastballs get smashed on the field, so he smashes some TVs in the clubhouse … not a very good turn of events for the erratic Red Sox …

MLB Update:

— Dare we mention Mets and wild card in the same breath? They’re getting great starting pitching and enough hitting to get the job done. If they can figure out a way to navigate the minefield that is their flimsy bullpen, watch out. #Mets#WhiteSox
— He’s not the Cubs’ ace but the mound is definitely Hendricks’ place when it comes to facing off against the scuffling Cards. #Cubs #Cardinals
— Cleveland continues to insist it’s for real, with a beat down of the complacent Astros, who appear to be resting on their laurels after attracting superstar Greinke. #Astros #Indians
— Rays’ abuse of a poor Porcello raises more questions about Boston’s already suspect starting rotation. Boston’s not enjoying living life in Rick’s fastball lane. #Rays #RedSox

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