MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 7-30-19:

Cincy goes to work with its fighting frosted flake …

MLB Update:

— Reds go down in flames, led by their fighting frosted flake, Yasiel. #Reds #Pirates
— Boston gives away a precious game with more weak kneed relief; unless this is fixed soon, it will ruin the Summer in New England. #Rays #RedSox
— More musical chairs in the NLCentral, as the Cards mug the Cubs in muggy St. Louis. #Cubs #Cardinals
— Syndergaard was sinfully good tonight! #Mets #WhiteSox
Nats were minus Mad Max tonight, and it certainly showed.#Braves#Nationals
— O’s show massive moxie, rallying behind unlikely hero Chris Davis, who breaks out of his latest O-fer. #Orioles #Padres


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