On the “Dog Day Morning” edition of CDST (Part 1):

CC Sabathia — a fat pitcher who’s throwing fat pitches …

On the “Dog Day Morning” edition of CDST (Part 1):
— Tank gets stuck in the mud, speculating about a Red Sox rush, and then opens his arms for a trade with the Yankees (don’t give me any trash for cash)
— Ber politely reminds us that Cummings’ constituents are not infested with anything but local pride
— Jolly Roger is throwing up on himself right now … with good reason … the season’s over for the Bucs
— Ian Desmond can do it to dead Center … with one arm
— Mets plan should be to get something good for Vargas, Wheeler and Frazier and build for next year
— Check out those Nats, who are lately playing like baseball’s version of the Pats
— A pop quiz about humidity (we’ll need to do homework on how that affects curve balls)
— We dive in head-first to explore the top 20 footballers in the NFL, as voted by their peers …Hail to No. 1 Aaron Donald, with Mahomes, Rodgers, Von “Hands on” Miller and Mack truck filling out the Top 5. Well-read sees a major slight to No. 6 Major Tom, and ChabDog professes a big injustice to Big Ben (nowhere to be found/but he’s signed up to play through 2021, which is all they care about in Pittsburgh)
— Why the Patriots are set before the season even begins
— The best part about Cleveland is not the Browns … it’s Cleveland (Stan recounts being treated well there on his old ball park tour)
— Trying figure out the schizophrenic Angels is quite a challenge, as well naming people in the everyday lineup, once you get past Phat Albert and Trout
— Maahk calls in on time, but still misses Frankie Midnight by a light year (and our resident Yankee fan also decides to bolt)
— David Ortiz medical update (out of danger thankfully, but is he cleared to get back on FOX by year’s end?)
— Batting out of order isn’t always a hanging offense … sorry Cora
— CC Sabathia …a fat pitcher who is throwing fat pitches
— How former NFL’ers balloon to four bills
— And what’s gotten into Pedro? We speculate it’s extra rice and beans
— Caruso reminds us that Rivers is a Phil with a real will to win
— The word on Robert Griffin the third
— How to deal with the notoriously slow Flacco … make him roll out to the right
— The evolution of Edelman from Kent St. QB to Welker understudy
— Opening up about Teddy Bruschi



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