ChabDog’s “Shomer Shabbas” Alltime Jewish baseball team — (revised per ChabDad’s recommendation)

Who says Jews can’t be excellent professional athletes? Here’s ChabDog’s updated list of the alltime Super Jew baseball team:


The great Hammerin Hank Greenberg …

Starter No. 1 — Sandy Koufax (The Left Arm of God) (possibly the most ridiculously good 6 year stretch of all time) (Hall of Fame/7x allstar/1963 MVP)
Starter No. 2 — Ken Holtzman (2 time allstar, 174 wins)
Starter No. 3 — Steve Stone (25-7 in 1980)
Starter No. 4 — Larry Sherry (53 wins, 3.67 ERA)
Reliever — Craig Breslow​
Reliever — Scott Feldman
Reliever — Scott David Schoeneweis
Closer — ??? (too bad Trevor Rosenthal doesn’t qualify)
Catcher — Norm Sherry
1st Base — Al Rosen (MVP in 1953, 4 time allstar, 192 homers and .285 career avg) (sorry Mike Epstein (Superjew)/Kevin Youkilis (child antagonist in the movie “Milk Money”))
2nd Base — Rod Carew (well, raising your kids Jewish sort of qualifies you for this list) (Hall of Fame, too many allstar appearances to count, 350+ stolen bases, .328 lifetime average and 3000 plus hits)
Shortstop — Walt Weiss
Third Base — Sid Gordon (2 time all star, 200 + homers, 1400 + hits, .283 career avg)
Left Field — Hank Greenberg (Hall of Fame, 2 time MVP, 4 time allstar, 331 hrs, .313 career avg, 1600 hits)
Center Field — Ryan Braun (6 time allstar, MVP, 292 hrs, 1600 + hits, .303 career avg)
Right Field — Shawn Green (2 time allstar, 2000+ hits, 328 hrs, .283 career avg)
Manager — Brad Ausmus
Benchwarmer/pitch hitters — Moe Berg (went to Princeton and spoke a bunch of languages), Gabe Kapler, Ian Kinsler, Ryan Lavarnaway, Max Kepler, and apparently a few pitchers on the Twins’ current staff

Sandy Koufax — “The Left Arm of God”

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