Dear Foodie…. Welcome to “The Brooklyn Winery”

images (1)Dear Foodie, Welcome to a quaint place in the heart of New York that bottles its own wine. Mostly known for hosting weddings and receptions, this restaurant also has amazing food. The chef there does a great job creating exotic flavors in the simplest of forms.

I was able to visit this gorgeous restaurant my last trip to New York with my father and step-nephew. Although the bar doesn’t have your traditional drinks, if you are a fan of mixed drinks and wine this is definitely the place for you. Located on N. 8th street in Brooklyn, this restaurant’s atmosphere is intimate and inviting.

Now for the reason we are here… THE FOOD! This is not your traditional menu, everything on the menu is shareable plates which makes the the experience fun for all. We ordered 5 dishes off the menu. The first three we ordered were the ROASTED BEET & WHITE BEAN HUMMUS which came with a toasted baguette. Now, I am not a humus guy, but this was really good. We also had the CHARCUTERIE PLATE which consisted of three cured meats, mustard, cornichons and a toasted baguette. Simple yet very tasty. And the last thing we had in the first run was the LAMB SLIDERS which was topped with black garlic aioli, caramelized onions, pickled red pepper, feta, brioche and was the dish of the night. The lamb sliders made me want to go in the back and slap the chef!!!!

On our second round we had two more shared plates. We ordered the CRISPY SOY GLAZED CHICKEN BITES which was grilled chicken topped with soy glaze and served on a bed of sweet potato, mixed herbs and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. This dish was a balance of sweet and savory, but this was probably the one dish I didn’t like too much. I thought the chicken was a little dry and the soy sauce was a little overpowering. We also had what I would rank in the top two of dishes of the night. It was a salad with mizuna, julienne cucumber, pickled carrots, mandarin segments, red pepper, and black sesame. The salad was Drizzled with a guava vinaigrette and topped with fried soba noodles. It was AMAZING!!!! Once again this was another time the chef was in danger of me putting my hand across his face! lol. While eating, we drank two bottles of their DRY ROSÉ which I definitely recommend.

The great service on top of the good food, great wine and family made it a great experience. I give this restaurant an overall of “4.5 Forks”. I couldn’t go a whole 5 forks due to the chicken bits, but the experience good all around. To look more into the Brooklyn Winery, click Brooklyn Winery

Cost: $$$

(Cost will be given in a “$” rating with “$” being low and “$$$$$” being high)

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