On the “Bob Crane on the Brain” edition of CDST (Part 1, 7/21/19):

The debate over how super Subban really is…

— 2 of us are melting under sweltering Summer heat
— Lowry’s no Van de Veld, as he looks solid as a rock on his home course in N. Ireland
— Stan pumps us for information about the Red Sox’ first black ball player … Pumpsie Green (a far cry from the more progressive integration timeline of the Bruins)
— Bemoaning the prejudice of Tom Yawkey and Joe Cronin
— When it comes to accomplishing that disappearing feat of hitting singles, the Mets’ McNeil has the feel.
— How a lead-off batter traditionally uses his bat handle to give regards to the opposing catcher and ump
— Tank is frank with us … we most likely won’t live to see another three hundred game winner in MLB (Kershaw, Grienke, King Felix and Verlander are just too far away, CC’s about ready to permanently leave the field of play)
— When will the scales of justice tip in favor of El Tiante’s ingress into the HoF?
— Once again, the curious case of 24-yr vet Harold Baines, whom Tony LaRussa took pains to ram through the Veteran’s Committee
— Heaven help us when baseball’s high ups put the pedal to the metal as concerns the metal bats, not to mention graphite
— Betts to the Mets? It could happen, with Boston this close to the tax threshold.
— Discussing which divisional races are up for grabs, before Marc calls in to grab the airwaves
— Pray tell, who can handle the Yankees in the post-season (we’ve found a very big closet fan)
— Explaining how the luxury tax works
— On NE going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl … another bet … better get that 6X Patriot t and companion hat ready from the king-sized catalog … or in Caruso’s case it’s pinstripes and cap (for a solid week)
— Sounding like a fantasy nerd
— The debate over how super Subban really is
— Frankie Midnight practices his pigeon French with “Les Canadiannes” … or are they just the Habs? .. and then admits he lost something
— and stay tuned for Bob Crane clips in Part 2




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