MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 7-21-19:

MLB Update:

— Blackmon ends CO offensive blackout with a power surge from the plate, as the Rock’ em Sock’ em Rockies finally sock it to the Yankees. #Rockies #Yankees
— Boston’s Cashner continues to crash and burn, while Baltimore’s Asher dusts off the Red Sox with surprising ease. The result is a very bad series loss for the defending World Champions. #RedSox #Orioles
— Redbirds peck apart the Reds with a monster game from starter Munoz. #Cardinals #Reds
— More misery for the Mets, who weaken yet again in the late innings; as for the Giants, they come back from the brink of extinction to level their record and ready for … a playoff run. #Mets #Giants
— Red P’s wreck hospitality of yellow P’s with huge homer in extras by Hoskins. #Phillies #Pirates
— To their credit, the Angels have not given up, and remain a long shot playoff pretender … going to three games over with a scorching of Seattle. #Angels #Mariners


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