MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 7-18-19:

Captain headband and his fightin Phils headbutt the mighty Dodgers …

MLB Update:

— Dodger offense continues to be a hit on the East Coast, but their pitchers are lately getting hit more. Phils wake up with a smart 7th inning comeback and salvage a hard earned split with the marquis team in the NL. #Dodgers #Phillies
— Toiling in obscurity, the Royals inch almost imperceptibly out of last place … and are soiling the White Sox in the process. #WhiteSox #Royals
— Red Sox hope the real Sale made an appearance made an appearance tonight in in a big way at Fenway. Tonight’s sharp 2-hitter was the type of fresh start Boston has been looking for for quite a while. #BlueJays #RedSox
— Nats bats continue to crackle as hard charging Washington lays waste to the Braves. #Nationals #Braves


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