Anything, Everything & Nothing – The Mother & The Gay

This week Lin & Kim check in with Kim learning how to pronounce “Salmon”, they talk Seren’s natural booty and more!

Hosts: Mei Lin Boykin & Kim Cannon

This Week Lin and Kim Check In:
Edison wasn’t kidnapped and Kim learns how to pronounce Salmon

AEN In The News and Entertainment:
Serena’s Non-retouched Booty Got Spanked, Tom Ford Declares A Holiday, EventBrite Raises Prices like The Feds, Steven Saradon Barnes Must Die and More…..

Black Folk, Blue Ain’t For You:
Welcome to Middleboro Kentucky

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Weekly Ratchet Review:
Special Guest K. Spice Stops Buy For A Visit and Kendra Speaks Fluent Spanish

2 Listerner Email Questions:
A concerned Mother
A concerned Coworler

This Ain’t Got Nothing To Do With Nothing:
Breast Milk For Sale
Dr. Pimple Popper is Back
Paul George is Kim’s Date

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