Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Finals

Hallelujah for Halep!


— Simona Halep plays the match of her life, and takes what is rightfully hers … a Wimbledon Championship. You can probably count her unforced errors on one hand. She had the eager, hungry look of a cheetah on the savanna hunting some big game, and played with positive energy that radiated from every pore. This is what competitive sports is all about. You don’t just win because you are the biggest, the strongest or because you are the heavy favorite. You win because you have the confidence, focus, desire and fitness to get it done, and that is exactly what she had today.

— By contrast, Serena seemed to go through the motions, in a kind of mental check-out mode that must be bewildering to her many fans. For the third time in a row, she didn’t get it done, and with each advancing year, it isn’t getting any easier. She can no longer rely on the intimidation factor alone, along with her obvious physical gifts, to get it done. She knows full well what she needs to do to get back on top, but does she really want it badly enough? Even for those who aren’t fans, it would be nice to see her regain some of the joy from just competing at a high level, which seems very clearly to be missing (just listen to her in the press conference). She seem resigned, a bit bitter, and cranky. The strong suggestion is there that she really needs to “change the game” if she wants the desired results, but denial is a long river in Africa, and it’s not clear she’s disembarking.


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