MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 7-13-19:

After getting molested by Lester, Pirate counterpart Lyles was definitely not all smiles…

MLB Update:


— Lester can’t even throw to first base … how the bleep did he drive in all those runs? One person who is not all smiles is definitely his Pirate counterpart Jordan Lyles. Oy vey iz mir….#Pirates #Cubs
— Streaking Nats have gone 17-4 virtually unnoticed, while the team everyone was talking about is dropping in the standings like a lead balloon. Yes, it seems like panic time in Philadelphia. A little buyer’s remorse for Bryce and the high horse he rode into town on? #Nationals #Phillies
— Tired of taking all that Hub and spoke abuse, the Doyyers finally get their all-terrain, road warrior vehicle revved up and hit Chris Sale well beyond the pale. Ouch! Boston fans could feel those homers all the way back in LA. #Dodgers #RedSox
— In yet another edition of baseball’s Stupor Bowl matchup, the ridiculous Royals take care of the tediously terrible Tigers. #Tigers #Royals
— Mets use their high priced Cano to reel in the Marlins. #Mets #Marlins
— Stevie “the wonderful” Wilkerson is doing his best to change the negative attitude in Baltimore with a big hit that sinks the Rays … just ahead of deportation day….#Rays #Orioles

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