Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Quarterfinals (Day 8)

Prima donna Johanna is short with an inquisitive reporter … Serena Williams style …

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Quarterfinals (Day 8):
— The only things shorter than Konta’s short, short tennis skirt was her short, short memory about all those set up forehands she blew, in addition to her short temper when it comes to a bunch of very fair questions from reporter seeking to delve into the reasons for her collapse. Yes, indeed, Jo, you need to lighten up and take some fair criticism in stride, without either being rude or breaking into a torrent of tears. Other tennis player prima donnas (over and above Prima Johanna) would be similarly well advised to get off their high horse and take tough post-match interviews with more class and professionalism.
— Riske assessment is Alison may be more ready for marriage than she is for a major title. Serena snatches back control of the match when she has to with a brutally authoritative comeback in the deciding set. Look for her to bore through Barbora and head for Saturday’s final.
— Halep easily shoes away Shuai, tennis shoes manufactured in China and all.
— And in the Eastern/Central European quarter, the Czech is nuked by the Uke.




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