On the “Have no fear, putting it into 2nd half gear” edition of CHABDOG SPORTS TALK (Part Deux):

Yes, plump ump Joe West has more chins than a Hong Kong telephone book.

On the “Have no fear, putting it into 2nd half gear” edition of CDST (Part Deux):
— Get into the spirit of the 4th of July with Sgt. Hartman — “I love working for Uncle Sam. Let’s me know just who I am”
— Forgive Howard Cosell’s encroachment of jocularity, as Deano introduces him to an expert musical practitioner in the field of sex cymbals
— Some very choice Muuuunday Night Highlights with Howie … “Steve Grogan … he’s got the speeeed receivers like Stanley Morgan”
— Ron Burgundy eat your heart out; we’ve got the deep, smooth tones of Well-read on our podcast
— Who said “England is not a place for baseball”? Definitely after this past week it was a rabid Red Sox fan.
— Maahk predicts that in the playoffs the Spankees will trip over an extension cord and get bounced by the Bosox.
— We preview the evolution of Eovaldi into a shut down closer (just like they did with the smoldering stuff of John Smoltz)
— Discussing how after the 3 O’Clock bell cute little Coco took Venus out behind the schoolyard and beat her up six ways from Sunday
— Tears for poor misunderstood Fognini, who is pilloried for wanting to fumigate the ever stuffy All-England Club in a really big way
— A very Nasty preview of the fall from grace of prima donna Johanna in this year’s Wimby quarters, where she is again reduced to tears
— Memo to Detroit: void Miggy The Piggy’s contract for pure apathy
— Coming off of roids can be hazardous to your batting average
— Meet the Hebrew Hammer, who answered to a partially higher authority (as in HGH)
— Speaking of estrogen, Eric recounts a very strange dream he had involving American footballer Frank having his way with Tom Brady.
— Duncan the goalie meet Tank (no more sleepy time)
— Caruso explains that all the Patsies need to do to go undefeated is to advertise in Craig’s List for an athletic Tight End.
— Yes, plump ump Joe West has more chins than a Hong Kong telephone book.
— Tigers bring in reliever Soto to root out Red Sox problems on the bases
— Speaking of Tigers, how about an ice cream concoction of orange and licorice; yes, Boston definitely is fattening up on that Tiger Tail
— We may not have Frankie Midnight on the show, but we do have Frankie Caliendo going under the hoodie … let’s get up close and personal with Jerry Jones, Lou Holtz and Bill Parcells in sizing up the genius of Belichick (“I’m not a sorcerer or some kind of conjurer … I’m just a coach”.
— Did Joe Kelly get traded for temporarily walking off with LaRussa’s World Series ring? Inquiring minds want to know.
— Discussing the untimely death of Angel Tyler Skaggs
— The dynamics of deciding whether to go with your fellow world champions to the Big House … in Washington, D.C.
— Why didn’t the stupid Rays love Longoria long time?
— Petco Cemetery … where good players who are losing their skills go to die.
— Tony takes matters into his own hand in putting a well dressed Russian in his place (maybe our timid CEO should watch this for pointers)
— Going out with some US Blues from The Dead

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