Dear Foodie.. It’s The “21 Club”

Dear Foodie,

If you happen to be in New York City and are looking for a place to grab an upscale meal, You will not be disappointed if you visit the 21 Club.

This restaurant is one of the best and oldest restaurants in New York.

In this hard to get into restaurant to get a table make sure to bring your jacket and tie, because you will not be able to sit down if you do not dress the part. Oh, and no jeans either. In this restaurant, Head Chef Sylvain Delpique tantalizes pallets with his four course menu that fuses past and future flavors together.  Housed at 21 west 52nd Street in Manhattan, this classic eatery has a rich history in every inch of the property. But we are not here to talk about the history, we are here to talk about the food!

When I visited this place my date and I enjoyed the 4 course meal. I started with the Crab Cake lemon-harissa aioli, lemongrass-crab jus. Talk about heaven on a plate… this appetizer set up the rest of the meal perfectly. The crab was fresh and the aioli was a nice touch. I then had the Lamb Bolognese cavatelli for the mid-course. It is very difficult to cook Lamb correctly, but Chef Delpique and his staff nail it. This savory dish brigs your taste buds alive and prepares you for the main course. For the main course I had the Filet Mignon petite heirloom potatoes, asparagus, blue cheese butter, red wine jus. You have not had a steak until you have had this Filet cooked masterfully by Chef Delpique. The potatoes are tasty, the asparagus is crispy and the blue cheese butter brings the dish together. I finished off this wonderful meal with a Black and White Soufflé vanilla anglaise. This was the perfect end to a great meal.

All in all I give this restaurant “5 Forks” the highest rating I can give a restaurant. I definitely suggest going. If you want to reserve a table, and I suggest doing so visit their website The 21 Club

And don’t forget to Defy Life.



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