Something about nothing

The dog days of summer. Each and every year we await it eagerly. And then each and every year for 2 months straight its 100° degrees, and we dread it.

No sports to watch. Unless you’re a baseball fan and you want to grind through those 182 games. (The Braves are looking pretty good by the way).

Kemba Walker is a Celtic. Congratulations to a quiet humble leader. A franchise player. Going to miss watching him dazzle the crowd with that crossover and step back shot. His heart and will to win are incredible. For the first time in 7+ seasons. I will not be a Charlotte Hornets season ticket holder. I will still attend many games, but the value isnt there for me right now. Playing NBA 2k without Kemba will certainly be different though. Boy…are we gonna suck. Maybe not though. We will see what Terry Rozier has in store for us. Boy…we can’t even tank right. Let’s get all the insane contracts off the books for below average players and just rebuild. Slow and steady.

I think I’ll head up to Chapel Hill a few extra times this season to see my Mack Brown’s new look Tar Heels in action . There is plenty of excitement around the program . “Mack is back” is the phrase. Already slated for a top 20 recruiting class for 2020. I think I’ll cover more on this team later.

I didnt really want anything, just random blog type thoughts. Hopefully someone enjoys reading them.’s something interesting. Through 5:00 p.m. on July 1, NHL teams had signed 86 players to 173 contract years and $556,835,000. Meanwhile, in the NBA, the contracts signed by Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and Jimmy Butler totaled $589,000,000, with 16 contract years. I think I know what I want my kid to play!


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