Screenings With Migs: Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoiler Free)

I screened Far From Home on Wednesday, and it was a blast!

A huge step up from Homecoming in my opinion, and I really like the direction the MCU is headed, post Endgame. By now most people who have been invested in Marvel films watched Endgame, and some questions may have arisen due to the repercussions of the Thanos snap. Far From Home addresses some areas that you may have been thinking about or even had questions about. It was very interesting to see. The way certain consequences were handled put a big smile on my face. Shouts out to Whitney Houston……*wink wink*. Tom Holland is not my favorite Spidey, but he is making the role his own, and his portrayal as Peter/Spider-Man in Far From Home is very strong. The world is looking for the next hero to take the place of Iron Man since Tony fried himself to a burnt crisp, and all eyes are on Spidey to step it up. Teenage Pete just wants to enjoy his overseas vacation with his classmates, but he knows he can’t turn away from the threats the world is currently facing, especially when Nick Fury is calling. I enjoyed how his internal dilemmas played out. A lot of fun antics and well placed jokes made the audience laugh together. One joke in particular had me cracking up. I was surprised the writers even went there with it. Mysterio was a big hit, especially for me. His costume looked good, even though I joked about him looking Asgardian when I saw the first trailer. Jake Gyllenhaal proved to be a nice casting choice. Kudos to his Quentin Beck. I also have to give props to EDITH….nuff said! The special effects and CGI are on point, so do your eyes a favor and see this in a premium format. I recommend IMAX, RPX, or XD. Normally I’d say see this in Dolby if you have the option to do so, but for this you’ll want a full screen. Your eyes will be wide for this visual spectacle. I’m definitely going to see it again. The screening I went to was regular digital format, but I need my IMAX fix! Go go AMC A List! When you go see Far From Home, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The screenplay writers did a really good job blending the action with the high school drama, which made for a feel good flick. Another win for the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

See my live video review here (including special guest Miles Morales Spider-Man):

Migs Rodriguez


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