Screenings With Migs: Toy Story 4 (Spoiler Free)

If I had to describe Toy Story 4 with one word, then that word would be “BRILLIANT”!

Thankfully I don’t have to describe the film with one word, because WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! I watched this on Tuesday at a special IMAX screening, and I most definitely will be back for multiple servings! Toy Story 4 is amazing! The story, the animation, the humor, and the underlying messages are all well done. Bravo to the writers and the production team! Josh Cooley has worked on previous Disney films as a storyboard artist, but he makes his directorial debut with Toy Story 4, and knocks it out the park. If you have been a fan of this series, then you probably thought that 3 was it. Toy Story 3 is perfection, and a great conclusion. I almost shed tears the first time I watched that one. I couldn’t help it, especially being invested since I was 11. I grew up with Andy, and I know how it is to have toys. My action figure game was on point back in the day. So when I heard a fourth film was in the works, I was highly excited. 3 was the end of Andy’s story with the toys, but the baton was passed to Bonnie, so with 4 you get to see a brand new adventure, and it is fantastic! I was hooked within a few minutes of the film, and a huge grin was on my face the entire time. I’m talking big cheese! The road trip setting was a nice touch, and all the new toys had me cracking up. Forky the spork is a charming addition to the old gang. A spork isn’t a toy though, right? Well the way he comes to life is funny, and his silliness is tickling. When you see the movie, you will love him. I have to give a standing ovation for the return of Bo Peep. BRAVO BRAVO, because she is AWESOME in this. She wasn’t around in 3, which was briefly touched on in that movie, but 4 gives you the whole shebang. Her involvement really takes the story to a different level of fun, and she has a dope ride! You’ll see. I could sit here all day and type out how much I loved Toy Story 4, but I won’t keep you all day! I don’t need to. This movie sells itself. The audience at the screening laughed together, and some people even cried. Pixar has done it again, and you will definitely want to see it in a premium format. If you have been keeping up with Pixar films, then you know the animation keeps on getting better, and Toy Story 4 is visually beautiful. A tasty treat for your eyes. Take your kids. Take your friends. Go by yourself. See it more than once. ENJOY THE SHOW!!

See my live review here:

Migs Rodriguez

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