This week in the NBA

Trade stunner!

I actually thought the New Orleans Pelicans would try to team Anthony Davis up with Holiday and Zion Williamson. That thought will not come to pass. With the fireworks from the NBA Finals not yet cold (Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors, this happened before I could even write my review) the first blockbuster move of the offseason. The Lakers and Pelicans have agreed to a trade.


The Lakers get – PF/C Anthony Davis .

The Pelicans get – 3 future First Picks(including this years number 4 pick), PG Lonzo Ball, PG/SG Josh Hart, SF Brandon Ingram.

I know the Pelicans could have gotten more earlier, but this move makes sense now. Now they are considering packaging the number 4 pick for even more assets. They could have a very formidable opening day 2019 roster, that’s young , very athletic and exciting! Stay tuned.

The Lakers also get a win here. Lebron didnt look to be very interested in showing yet another group of kids how to win, raise them to a championship caliber level, and compete on the highest stage very much down the stretch this season. Pile on the injuries, and it was not a fun season in LA. Bringing in Davis is a no brainer. He can only make you better. It will not be hard to attract other FA’s there. The rest of the roster remains to shake out, but this is going to be fun to watch.

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