Movies With Migs: Men In Black International

In this case, MIB stands for “Movie Is Boring”

I am no stranger to falling asleep in the theater. I’m getting old and it happens! However, I was not expecting MIB to bore me into a slumber.

Goodness this movie was super ultra dry! So I screened this on Tuesday, and yea……KO! I missed an hour of film, but the parts I saw were not impressive. In order to write a review I had to be fair, so I put my AMC A List subscription to use and checked this out in IMAX last night. I stayed awake yesterday, and that hour I missed….BLAND!!! Watching this movie was like eating lettuce for two hours. NO FLAVOR WHATSOEVER!!! What in the heck happened? I was highly excited for this movie, only to be disappointed in a major way. The premise of finding a mole in the London branch was fine, but the execution of the story fell flat. The aliens in this one weren’t even interesting. Seeing the trailer had me thinking International was going to be a fun adventure. Valkyrie and Thor on screen together again should have been awesome, but moonlighting as special agents turned out to be a dud. I just can’t fathom why it was such a bore, especially with the cast and the production team. I voiced my thoughts to some people, and they said this MIB wouldn’t measure up because Smith and Jones weren’t in it. I don’t agree with that fully because the MIB organization is huge, so showing different agents with different missions should not have been a bad thing.  It’s sad that the best part of this movie was Agent H’s (Hemsworth) car, which had some cool weapons stashed away in various places. The secret transit system the agents used was cool to see as well. That’s about it, for me anyway. I never say don’t go see a movie, because you could watch this and like it. I don’t see how, but it’s possible (laughs). I’d feel bad recommending spending money on it though. If you have AMC A list, use your subscription and see something else! The high level of meh is even keeping me from saying see this on a discount night. Keep your five bucks and just wait for it to hit TBS. If you must see this in the theater, make sure you visit your doctor first, and get a prescription of No Doze. Not the over the counter stuff. That isn’t strong enough!!

See my video review here:

Migs Rodriguez


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