Movies With Migs: Ma (Spoiler Free)

Allow me to start with an apology. I saw Ma at an early screening on May 28th, but I didn’t get around to writing a review on it that week, so sorry about that!

I did post a video review, so if you checked that out on Facebook or IG, I appreciate it! I’ll repost that link here as well. If you have social media and haven’t done so, please follow “Movies With Migs” on Facebook and Instagram! All my written work is on, but I post other fun cinematic content on social media, and in the future I’ll be hosting contests and movie ticket giveaways, so please stay tuned.

I was interested in seeing Ma when I saw the trailer a few months back. It looked like a straightforward premise, and being able to see Octavia Spencer unhinged would be something different. It didn’t have a rating for quite some time, and I initially thought it would end up being PG13. Not saying that PG13 can’t work, because A Quiet Place, Lights Out, and Happy Death Day were all decent horror flicks (IMO), and they don’t have that R rating. I was happy that Ma ended up with the R rating though. I thought to myself “this is going to be brutal”, and I was hoping to see Spencer deliver a scary performance. Spencer’s performance as Sue Ann, aka “Ma” ended up being more memorable than the movie! Sue Ann lives in a small town, and she comes across a group of teens that need someone to buy them alcohol. She refuses at first, just like the other adults they asked, but after a change of heart she buys liquor for them, and even offers her place so they won’t drink and drive. The teens love it, and Ma instantly becomes the “cool mom”. She even lets the teens throw bigger parties there, as long as they follow her rules. After a few parties, things change. Ma becomes overbearing, and no teenager wants to be hounded by an adult all the time. Diana Silvers, who stars as the movie’s “heroine” Maggie, senses ill will, and tells the rest of the group that they should avoid partying at Ma’s. From that point, Ma’s actions and intentions turn sinister. Ma isn’t a fan of rejection and humiliation, and you find out why through a series of flashbacks. The plot ended up being a slow burn, but before it’s all over, you get to see Ma put her revenge in motion. With the R rating, I thought there would be more gore and violence, but I did cringe twice when I watched this. Someone at the screening even yelled out “OH SHE BOUT TO GET YOUUUUUUUU!” That was a good laugh. So if you are a fan of horror/thrillers, then I’d recommend this. Make sure you go on a discount day if you are going to watch in the theater. Ma isn’t a bad film, but it’s a bit of a “one and done”, mostly because the story needed more substance, so don’t go spending more than 7 bucks on it! The movie has elements of Nightmare on Elm Street, Mommy Dearest, and Misery, but you probably won’t feel terrified after watching. When the credits started rolling I stood up and said “that’s it?” Ma is still holding steady on the big screen, but you won’t miss out on anything if you wait for it to hit Netflix. I really wanted more from the story, but I’m not mad at a movie that has clocked in over 40 million dollars on a 5 million dollar budget. Kudos to Blumhouse Productions for that!!

You can check my live video review here:

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