This week in the NBA

Let’s check out the goings on in the Association!

We have arrived at the 2018 NBA Finals! Let’s take a moment to recognize and acknowledge the Toronto Raptors first franchise appearance in the finals. That team has a ravenous fanbase and they deserve a shot at a title. They watched for the past few years, a team that has grown in talent and experience. Only to be escorted from the playoffs by Mr Lebron James. Well exit Lebron to the West and enter Khawi…and holy cow Finals bound!!! Congratulations. They are 3 games away from a Championship! That’s got to be a great feeling.

The team they are up against has been here before. 5 times in fact. Let’s take a moment to recognize and acknowledge that in the modern era, no team has been to 5….yes FIVE straight title appearances. They do it coming out of the NBA’s ultra competitive Western Conference . We are speaking of the Golden State Warriors. In my world..that’s extremely impressive and something unlikely that we will see repeated by other teams. Where Steph follow the Finals! Let’s argue!

The Raptors are a very good team with a very elite top 10 player. Having said that. They will lose this series, even as they are already up a game. The Warriors just have too much talent. Curry has made me a solidified believer. Cousins has returned and I believe eventually Durant will play. The one thing we havent seen in this 5 year run happen very often…is we watch a team beat Golden State 4 times. 2 wins..yes… can get there. However…that 4th win is just so elusive vs them. I dont think it happens this year. I’m going Warriors 4-2. In a very good series, With CURRY Finals MVP! That would make it 4 out of 5 and we will be forced to rank this dynamic dynasty as well as the impact players that made it possible. Check out the Defylife podcast for a pretty cool debate on where this would put Curry as an all time great!?! Shout out to the guys!!!


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