Tips For The First Date

A first date should be elegant. In comfortable surroundings. A place with excellent food, where you can talk easily and get to know each other.” -Oleg Cassini

download (1)The first date is one of the most crucial elements on the road to a relationship. This one day or night can create a foundation for a great relationship or ensure that one never begins. On the last two episodes of the Relationship Status Podcast, The crew talked about how to get to the first date, and what to do on the first date. After the show I thought that we didn’t elaborate on some first date tips. so here are the top 5 tips to make a great first date.


  1. Choose the right first date location: The location of a date is key. It sets the tone for the date. if you know your date’s likes, do one of those. If not pick something neutral. Try to stay away from expensive restaurants…The worst thing in the world is for you and the date not to mesh and then face an astronomical bill.
  2. Prepare for an engaging conversation. On the part one of the last episode we talked about good starters for conversations. Great conversation is the foundation of a great date.
  3. Get your mind right. On a date there are so many things you can’t control. Chemistry, compatibility or attraction are not in your control. But, being in the right frame of mind is totally on you so get your mind right.
  4. Learn from the past. If you have had bad situations in the past, don’t bring them into this date. A lot of people mess up their current dates by projecting on their new date the feelings for the old.
  5. First Impressions matter. You got to the first date, so the person is interested. But you can kill the attraction if you don’t look at how you present yourself. So put your best foot forward.

Listen to both episode of the show and email us your opinion at



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