This Week in the NBA

Recap of the goings on around the Association.

The NBA draft lottery happened.

Below are the results from NBA Draft Lottery 2019 “presented by State Farm:”

  1. New Orleans 
  2. Memphis
  3. New York 
  4. Los Angeles Lakers 
  5. Cleveland
  6. Phoenix 
  7. Chicago
  8. Atlanta 
  9. Washington
  10. Atlanta (from Dallas)
  11. Minnesota
  12. Charlotte 
  13. Miami 
  14. Boston (from Sacramento via Philadelphia

Will the impending arrival of Zion Williamson and the ability to make 70 million more than any other potential offer convince Anthony Davis to stay in the Big Eazy? Only time will tell. More on the lottery later. Let’s get into these playoffs!

Well, boy was I wrong (About Boston beating Milwaukee) . But who likes to talk about being wrong, as much as they enjoy talking about being right! So I acknowledged that…moving along.

I was right about the Warriors and the Raptors. And the Blazers completely shocked me! The Bucks currently hold a 2-0 lead over the Raptors and I think they will go on the win this series 4-1. The Warriors are handling the Blazers and are already up 3-0 on them. I think the Nuggets would have been a much more interesting series. I made my picks on the show this week and will stick with the Bucks and the Warriors. The Return of Malcolm Brogdon just bolstered an already stifling Bucks team defense. And as brilliantly as Leonard has played. It wont be enough. In the series out west. The best Curry and Player in that series is Steph. Lillard has been a HERO until this series. Klay Thompson and that instant doubleteam out of the pick and roll appears to be his Kryptonite. Neither of the bash brothers have shot particularly well in this series. And this is the worst time to go cold.

Let me just say good were the Golden State Warriors going to be WITH KD and Cousins!?! They havent lost a playoff game since KD has been hurt. They are REALLY good. Are we headed for a Bucks/Warriors show down ? Can both teams pull away with series closers? Will KD be able to play in the finals? Can the Warriors beat the Bucks without KD? Stay tuned. More to come!

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