Screenings With Migs: John Wick Chapter 3 (No Spoilers)

I went with a group of friends to an early screening of Chapter 3 last night, and I am still in awe!! WOW WOW WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

So I watched the first two entries this past weekend so I could refresh my memory, and I really love how the story unfolds in these movies. The way you are presented with new information about John Wick, and about the underground society of assassins that he comes from is a product of really great writing. Parabellum manages to do that, while raising the bar in a major way! The movie opens right where Chapter 2 leaves off, so if you know the events that took place, then you know that the situation in Parabellum is going to be highly explosive! I had a few “OHH SNAP” outbursts, and I was not the only one. There was a point in the movie where the entire audience cheered. It was loco! All the main players are back, and the new additions to the cast were excellent. They really added depth to the story, and the action scenes were phenomenal. Halle Berry and her German Shepherds….YES!!! The last time I cheered for a dog is when I watched Don’t Breathe the first time! Berry and her dogs were ridiculously insane! Remember Mark Dacascos, from Only The Strong? YES!!! Remember Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman, who both starred in The Raid 2…YES!!!! Great to see Dacascos, Ruhian, and Rahman showcasing their martial arts skills, because The Force Awakens wasted Ruhian, Rahman, and Iko Uwais (another lead from the Raid movies), and I was disappointed about that. Asia Kate Dillion, whom I’ve never seen until this movie, portrays the High Table’s Adjudicator, and I really liked her in that role. Cold, sinister, and no nonsense! The action is heart racing and jaw dropping. I am confident in saying that the first 20 minutes of the film will make you say “WHOA”, with your Neo voice! I was highly impressed with the hand to hand combat scenes. Fans of the series know that Wick is no joke with the headshots, but prepare to be blown away by the fights. Beautiful brutality at its best! I’m sure most people who saw John Wick 1 and 2 are in for this, so I don’t need to sell Parabellum anymore. If you haven’t watched part 1 and 2, I recommend checking those out, then going to see Chapter 3. They are all great action thrillers, and this last one just might leave you bug eyed! I was, and I am booked to see it again tomorrow night. IMAX STYLE BABYYY!!!!! You don’t necessarily need to see John Wick in a premium format though. Last night’s screening was regular digital and it looked fine. I’m an AMC A list subscriber, so I don’t miss opportunities to see movies in DOLBY and IMAX presentations. The picture and sound quality for premium formats is worth it if you ask me! I’m going to have a big smile on my face watching Wick go to work on the IMAX screen.

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Migs Rodriguez

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