Everyone experiences rejection, mentally strong people use it to get stronger and become better.

rejectionIn the romance game, rejection for some is inevitable. The thing of it all is that rejection for some is devastating. For other rejection is something that can make someone stronger if they know how to deal with it/ On this weeks episode of The Relationship Status Podcast, Nique, CL, and Yusuf talk about Rejection. They discuss times they have been rejected, but mostly they talk about ways to deal with rejection. Rejection can be an eye opening experience that we all need to be able to deal with whether it be in relationships or in business.

According to there are 5 ways that mentally strong people deal with rejection.

  1. Β They Acknowledge Their Emotions: Mentally strong people embrace the feelings that come with the rejection. Those who do not do this, only elongate the hurt that comes with rejection.
  2. They View Rejection as Evidence They’re Pushing the Limits:Β  These people anticipate that rejection will occur, and go after it without fear of it. Mentally strong people believe in living life, not just existing.
  3. They Treat Themselves With Compassion: According to, “Whether you got dumped by your long-term love or blindsided by a recent firing, beating yourself up will only keep you down.” So, rather than beating yourself up, be nice to yourself. speak to yourself like a trusted confidant and don’t listen to the inner critic.
  4. They Refuse to Let Rejection Define Them: Mentally strong people keep rejection in it’s proper place. No matter what, you shouldn’t let what happens in your life determine how you live your life.
  5. They Learn From Rejection: Mentally strong people are always self-reflecting. And although they are not blaming themselves, they are figuring out what they have learned. No matter the lesson, There is something to be learned in each rejection.

What do you think about rejection? How do you deal with rejection? Do you have a story about a time where you were rejected? listen to the episode and email us at

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