Screenings With Migs: Booksmart (Spoiler free)

AMC Theaters hosted an early screening of Booksmart last night, so I went to check it out.

I’ve enjoyed most of the “just got out of high school coming-of-age” movies I’ve seen, and when I saw that this movie had a red band trailer (signifies that movie will be rated r) I wanted to see it more. I dug it. It’s not a movie that will blow you away, and it has all the tropes from other movies of the same theme, but the leads are great together, and their on screen friendship is very real. You know from the opening that these young women are best friends, and have been for a while. Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein star as Amy and Molly, and both have been working hard throughout high school to get where they want to be after graduating. They aren’t known for partying, which makes them unpopular with the “in crowd”, so on the night before their graduation ceremony, they decide to attend a party being thrown by their school’s most popular senior. Their goal: Show the cool kids of the graduating class how fun they can be! The antics that follow were quite humorous. This movie reminded me of Can’t Hardly Wait and Trojan Wars. Both movies are teen comedies that came out in the 90s, and I watched them on HBO all the time. Heavy rotation! Watching Booksmart made me think of my high school years. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time has passed, although I graduated 17 years ago. Mesa Ridge class of 02 babyyyyyyy!!!! I got a kick out of seeing Macgruber, aka Will Forte, pop up in the movie. His goofy demeanor makes me laugh.
So this movie comes out in a couple of weeks, and I recommend it. Booksmart is a good directorial debut from Olivia Wilde (you may recognize her name from the House series) and I’d watch it again. It has some fun spots throughout, and even a couple of heartwarming moments. You’ll be fine seeing it on discount night or at a matinee. It’s not anything you need to go crazy for. Funny story before I close: So last night when I was watching I kept thinking about how Beanie Feldstein favored Jonah Hill. The similarities were very creepy and it was bugging me out. There is a scene where she makes a face just like he had done in another movie. I was like “what in the world is going on here”. Found out this morning that Jonah is her big brother. I got a good laugh out of that!

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