This week in the nba

The stakes are at an all time high. The intensity is up. Seasons are on the line. This is where rivalries are made. NBA playoffs- round 2.

So, after going a very strong 7-1 in my NBA playoffs first round predictions, I’m feeling myself a little, right now. Round 1 delivered excitement..a few intrigues, but no REAL suprisies. Series such as Portland VS OKC, Nets VS 76ers, Detroit VS Milwaukee, etc. I nailed right on the head predicting even the number of games. I correctly predicted the Spurs VS Nuggets would go 7 games, but I did pick the Spurs to pull it out. So that’s my one blemish.

Now that we’ve gone through a quick recap, let’s get into round 2. 4 dymannic series…and these are the blockbusters!! Let’s see how I have them shaking out.

Raptors VS 76ers – Series 1-1// If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the 76ers are my sleeper pick to come out of the East. I just REALLY like this squad and what they have done as far as assembling the roster to account for the weakness of their PG Ben Simmons. Toronto is primed and Leonard is BALLIN! However, if the Raptors have ONE weakness. Its low post interior defense. The Sixers best player, that happens to be where he dominates. They already have stolen game 2. A series isnt a series until someone loses at home. That said..I see this being an intense series that goes 7 games. I’m taking Toronto in 7..but wouldnt be shocked to see the Sixers pull the upset in game 7. Raptors 4-3.

Nuggets VS Blazers – Series 1-0 Nuggets// This series is the “other” Western Conference series. Which is funny as the eventual winner, one of these teams will represent in the Western Conference finals. The heroics of Damian Lillard, in round one will need to be repeated if the Blazers are going to win this series. Just too much Murray and Jokic, that high pick in roll is lethal and the action behind it will be too much for Kanter ‘s limited defensive skills. Nuggets 4-2.

Boston VS Milwaukee – Series 1-0 Boston// The Milwaukee Bucks are the number 1 seed in the East. They won 11 more regular season games than the Celtics. I’m not sure if that is going to matter. The Kyrie Irving led Boston Celtics have something to prove. They have completely shifted the narrative. They have yet to loss a playoff game. Irving can go on a 10-0 scoring run single handedly. Playoff Al Horford has arrived. They are looking really impressive. The Bucks will adjust to how they are defending Giannas, but I fear it may be after they are down 2-0. Game 2 is tonight. If the Bucks supporting cast doesnt show up, this could be a quick series. Let’s see how game 2 shakes out, but I’m taking the Celtics, as they ARR my Eastern conference Finals pick from the East. Celtics 4-2.

Rockets VS Warriors – Series 1-0 Warriors// This series brings us everything you could possibly want. The history of Chris Paul vs the Warriors. James Harden and the Rockets up 3-2 last year. The history of Durant and Harden. Boy, it doesnt get much better than this. The drama. The chatter. History. These teams do not like one another. And they are battling for a trip to the Western Conference finals. If DeMarcus Cousins is healthy..this isnt much of a series. His injury makes for this to be a much more compelling playoff matchup. Everyone remembers the 0-18 or 0-27 whatever stretch in last years Conference Finals. That was the series. Houston shot themselves into oblivion. We KNOW the Warriors CAN be beaten. Can they be beaten 4 times is the real question. I think not. Warriors in 7. Again. Warriors 4-3.

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