Movies With Migs: A Triple Dose Of Endgame (Spoiler Free)

Thursday, April 25th. Dolby Cinema, at 10:15 pm. I was there.
Friday, April 26th. IMAX at AMC, 8:00 am. I was there
Saturday, April 27th. Maryland Science Center IMAX, at 9:40 pm. I was there.

Was that opening dramatic enough? I hope so! It has been a fun weekend so far. All the Marvel fans knew Endgame was going to be a cinematic spectacle, but being a part of the madness for 3 days straight has been very entertaining! Dolby Cinema and IMAX are both awesome presentations! Dolby always wins in my book, because the recliners are super comfortable and you usually get more leg space than you do with IMAX. I will say that last night’s viewing at the Science Center IMAX was breathtaking! The screen is 5 stories high, so seeing Thanos there was….WHOA!!!! If you are living in Maryland and reading this, then please please please take the opportunity to see Endgame there. It’s located in the Inner Harbor, and the tickets are only 16 bucks for adults. I highly recommend seeing Endgame in a premium format, especially for your first viewing! The visuals are a treat for your eyes! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a wonderful job bringing these comic books to life on the big screen, and Endgame is no exception. It’s the concluding chapter of a 10 year journey, and in my opinion, a very fitting close. The emotional content is heavy, and it hits! All three times I watched I could hear sniffling and “awww man” coming from the audience. We even shared the silence during the movie’s somber moments. The audience expressing their emotions is expected, because a lot of us fans have invested ourselves into these characters, and not just with the films. 10 years of the MCU is a 3rd of my life, but I’ve been a Marvel nerd for most of my life, so sharing in the triumphs and failures of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes brings out all the feelings! That’s the mark of great writing and I really appreciated the screenplay for Endgame. The writers paid homage to the previous films that brought us to this point, and seeing all the connections come full circle was very satisfying. Some of those connections were fresh in my head, because I picked out a few MCU flicks to re-watch before Endgame was released. I didn’t go on a full binge, but to get myself in the frame of mind, I watched the first 3 Avengers movies, and Captain America: Civil War, which is an Avengers movie disguised as a Captain America flick. I very much enjoyed Endgame, however I like Infinity War more. I say that because when I first saw Infinity War, I was completely amped leaving the theater. After the first viewing of Endgame on Thursday, I left the theater a bit torn. There were parts that really impressed me, but I wanted more from certain parts of the narrative, and in my opinion there were a few characters that deserved better treatment. The second viewing cleared up most of my “huh” moments though, and I am looking forward to having speculative discussions with my nerd pals. I will be seeing this at least 3 more times. I have some group gatherings planned, and I’d like to visit a Regal and a Cinemark to see what kind of cool movie goodies they are offering. I already have a collectible popcorn tin and a poster from AMC theaters. I do enjoy movie memorabilia! I have a pretty decent collection of items from the past 10 years, including posters and collector’s tickets.
So if you haven’t seen it yet, be prepared for a emotional, action thrill ride. You’ll laugh, you might cry and you will definitely cheer!! Even though the movie is 3 hours, it doesn’t feel that way. Just make sure you use the bathroom before you go in. Even though Endgame serves as “the end”, the MCU is far from being over, and I am looking forward to what Marvel brings to the big screen next. We still have Spidey this year, which looks fun from what I’ve seen so far, but I’m doing my best to avoid trailers for it. I’ve already seen too much with the teaser trailer. There was some foreshadowing in Endgame, and I would really like to see some of that come to life in the future. There are soooo many stories that can be made for the big screen, so here’s hoping!

Migs Rodriguez

2 thoughts on “Movies With Migs: A Triple Dose Of Endgame (Spoiler Free)”

  1. Man… I didn’t cry out there were some truly poignant parts to this movie. It was a great watch and served to close out this chapter of the MCU almost perfectly. I’ll be seeing it at least one more time. I did just miss out on the last collector tin at AMC… bummed


    1. I got a tin from AMC, but Regal is all out! I went to two different Regals today. They don’t even have them online.


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