We know its April. Yes! You’re right, it’s way too early to talk fantasy football, or is it?

The 2018 season saw the rise and fall of Fantasy Football’s house hold names. Here is an early sneak peak of Fantasy Beasts top 10 Quarterbacks For 2019.


10. Matt Ryan: Matty Ice has consistently posted top 12 fantasy numbers the past three seasons. With the emergence of Ridley as the Robbin to Batman, Ryan should garner top 10 numbers.


9. Russell Wilson: Wilson has been Seattle’s lone offensive juggernaut since the departure of Beast Mode. He will continue to be the ultimate fantasy duel threat for years to come.

8.  Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben has to prove the Steelers organization right. They moved on from Bell and Brown. Now Ben is the final Killer B left standing. When the dust settle Ben will be ranked as a top 10 Fantasy quarterback.

7. Baker Mayfield: What has he done, you ask! Is Baker ready, you ask! I say yes! It’s not a stretch to say he has the best supporting cast in football. Couple that with his moxie, pinpoint accuracy, and big play capability. Barker has his sights set on a huge second season.    Baker



6. Carson Wentz: Wentz couldn’t regain that MVP stride that he exhibited in 2017. Now with a full training camp ahead of him, aligned with a few new offensive weapons, Wentz should be a force to be reckoned with.


5. Drew Brees: Father Time is dancing around his door step. It’s only a matter of time before Brees isn’t Brees. However, that time is not now. Draft him!



4. Deshaun Watson: Watson is a dynamic playmaker that is yarning for protection in the pocket. He has Nuke Hopkins as well as an assortment of talent on offense.


3. Aaron Roger: Fantasy owners have been burned by A-Rod for the past two fantasy seasons. If he remains healthy it will be a bounce back year.


2. Andrew Luck: He’s back to his old self. The Colts are rumored to add more firepower to his arsenal. Luck could have a record breaking year.


1. Pat Mahomes: MVP



fantasy beasts

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