Movies With Migs: Dumbo Is Unseasoned Chicken (Spoiler free)

I’ll start this review by apologizing for not posting this sooner than today.

I actually screened Dumbo a week before it came out, but I wanted to watch it again to see if I felt the same way (see the video review). So you see the title of the review right….chuckle chuckle! I went into Dumbo hoping to be thrilled by live action Disney magic, but I left feeling like I ate a plate of unseasoned chicken both times I watched. Not the worst flick I’ve seen from Disney, but it’s not a movie I need a third serving of. I can say that the kid in me found some value in the film. It was fun to see the kiddies at the screening having a good time. It garnered cheers from the younger crowd when Dumbo started to fly! I will even give the production praise because they did a good job with the Dumbo effects. The screening was in IMAX, so the CGI was crisp and bold. The cast did a really good job pretending an elephant was really there. I saw some behind the scenes footage of the younger cast members using a toy elephant as a prop during certain scenes, but for the most part Dumbo was CGI, and that takes imagination to make the scenes believable. It was cool to see Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito back on screen together. With Tim Burton directing, it was a Batman Returns reunion. That made my nerd heart happy. DeVito was spot on as the circus ringleader. He just has that look. Keaton plays a jerk very well. His character in this movie reminded me of his character from the movie, The Founder. You want to punch him in the face. It was too bad that the story didn’t hold me. I hyped myself up going into the theater, but that feeling of excitement completely dissolved by the time the movie was forty minutes in, and nothing happened that pulled me back. The script writers made some changes, so the live action story wasn’t exactly the same as the cartoon, but the story drags, and to the point where it was hard for me to not be bored.
As far as a recommendation is concerned, I recommend seeing this in the theater ONLY if you have smaller kids and please see it on a discount day. I’m glad this isn’t being shown in IMAX anymore. Although the movie did look good in that format, I wouldn’t feel right recommending people to spend more than 6 bucks on a ticket for Dumbo. Hopefully Toy Story 4 and Lion King will be seasoned chicken, with a side of mac and cheese and green beans!

Check out my live video review here:

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