How Important is Your Circle of Friends to Your Relationship?

“While spending time with some friends is seen as a net positive for both parties, these interactions can influence a relationship in some profound ways.”


On this week’s episode of the Relationship Status Podcast, the crew talked friendships. They discussed the many things that come up in friendships. They asked who make better friends men or women? Although the discussion went in many different directions, the one thing that stood out in the episode was when they talked about friends in regards to relationships. That led me to ask the question… “How can friends influence a relationship?”

No matter the level of friendship, all friendships can have a positive and negative influence on the relationship. There is a saying that goes “we are the average of the five people we hang around the most.” If that statement s true, you are a reflection of your friends. So, one can make the assumption that our romantic relationships are influenced by our plutonic relationships. In fact your friends are crucial to the success of the relationship.

According to an article on titled “How Friends Can Influence Your Love Life” knowing how to navigate your friends can actually have a positive effect on your relationship. Blogger Dave gives five different ways to do this.


  1. Analyze your Social Circle: Here he talks about figuring out how many of the friends in your circle influence your behavior. The reason we do this is to find out who will be negative energy thus negatively affecting your relationship.
  2. Shared and Independent Friends: Here Dave discusses the fact the Shared(or mutual) friends have a deeper influence on your relationship, thus meaning they have to be dealt with differently than the independent friend who should be categorized differently because of their different perspective due to their lack of attachment to the Significant Other.
  3. Approval of the Mate: Although some down play it, the approval of your mate by your inner circle has an immense level of influence on your relationship. If they do not approve of your mate, your more likely to eventually feel the same way. On the other hand if your friends approve, your relationship has a better chance of thriving.
  4. Approval From Your Mate: If your mate doesn’t approve of one or more of your independent friends it can have a two pronged negative effect. One, it can cause you to see your mate differently. Two, it can cause tension between your mate and the friend(s) thus causing tension between you and your mate.
  5. Going with the flow: We by nature are creatures that go along with what we are around. Meaning, if the majority of your friends are in committed relationships, it makes us give more attention to our mate. On the other hand if we are around o bunch of single people that are talking about dating and stuff like that, you are going to crave that thus pulling from your mate.

Well, If you enjoyed this article, click the link below and listen to the conversation the crew had on this topic. Have a great week!

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